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ControlEdge PLC

ControlEdge PLC, when combined with Experion®, reduces integration costs for balance of plant operations, minimizes downtime through unified support, decreases risk with embedded cyber security, and lowers total cost of ownership through extended system lifecycle.  Experion and ControlEdge PLC leverage a common HMI platform, provide faster field device commissioning and improve device diagnostics

What Is It?
The PLC is part of the ControlEdge family of controllers providing unprecedented connectivity through all levels of process and business operations. It is one of the first controllers supporting Honeywell’s IIoT-ready initiative.

ControlEdge PLC Users benefit from an easier configuration, efficient operations, and reduced maintenance as the PLC helps liberate plant personnel from manual processes. Its use of OPC UA protocol and its built-in cyber security enable smooth integration to a range of instruments, equipment, and software. By offering Universal I/O, ControlEdge provides remote configuration and late design change flexibility for improved project implementation as part of our LEAP™ project execution methodology.  

How Does It Work?
​ControlEdge provides an IIoT-ready open platform, enabling users to better leverage data across their assets. Interoperable multi-level and multi-platform open communication provides flexible and scalable design, enabling standardization with less hardware.

A common HMI for PLC and Experion means fewer operator and engineering stations, less hardware and wiring, reduced IT licensing, and less training with a common operator interface.  

Embedded cyber security helps improve compliance and availability and reduce risk. Features include secure boot to prevent uploading of unauthorized software, a built-in firewall, and a certified secure development lifecycle to ensure security is built in from the start.  

What Problems Does It Solve?
Honeywell can serve as your single vendor for all automation needs, including DCS, PLC, SCADA, Field Device Manager for asset management, and an HMI panel PC – all with seamless integration and support. Faster system setup, testing, and troubleshooting

  • Flexible and scalable design
  • Standardization with less hardware
  • Investment protection and easier maintenance
  • Built-in cyber security
  • Seamless support
  • Reduced cost over the lifecycle.

HC900 Process and Safety Controller

The HC900 process automation controller is an ideal control solution for user needs ranging from thermal control in boilers, furnaces, kilns, and dryers to unit processing in pharmaceutical, chemical, bio-fuel, pilot-plant and other applications. With its TUV certification, the HC900 safety system can be used in applications requiring SIL2 such as emergency shutdown (ESD), critical controls, burner management systems (BMS), pipeline monitoring, tunnel ventilation systems and other critical applications.

What Is It?
The HC900 process and safety controller is an advanced process and logic controller with a modular, scalable design that is built to work with a wide range of process equipment in a cost-effective way. It comes with a touchscreen operator interface that makes it very easy to operate. The process and safety controller possesses a flexible architecture that can accommodate the most demanding application.

With its advanced features and versatile connectivity, it is capable of customized pinpoint control. The HC900 controller also simplifies the documentation process and eliminates filing errors.

How Does It Work?
The modular, scalable HC900 process and safety controller is available in three rack sizes and three CPU performance levels to handle a wide range of automation requirements, providing users the flexibility of starting with what they need, and then expanding as desired. Its Windows-based designer software operates over Ethernet, making it easy to configure the logic controller and operator interface.

The touchscreen operator interface and user-friendly custom displays enable streamlined, intuitive operation, help eliminate errors, and provide improved data access and process supervision. This logic controller includes a selection of controller CPU modules, multiple I/O rack sizes and multiple local or remote I/O racks per system that provide flexibility. The logic controller also provides superior PID loop control and more robust analog processing than most logic controllers without compromising on logic performance.

What Problems Does It Solve?
The control design of HC900 process and safety controller reduces hardware and software costs, training and support needs, and the requirement for spares, thereby bringing significant cost savings to users.

The HC900 SIL2 system is an ideal fit for applications where plant and operations need to be quickly brought into safe state in case of adverse operating conditions. When paired with Experion HS, it can meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 requirements for pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage industries that require advanced controller security and protection, change management and automated electronic record keeping capabilities.


oneywell's 900 Control Station complements the HC900 process automation controller (PAC) by providing an advanced, user-friendly and cost-effective interface that enhances the controller's performance and improves operator efficiency. 

What Is It?
Honeywell's 900 Control Station is an advanced user interface with color display and finger touch. It is available in two display sizes – 10.4 inch and 15 inch – and can be easily configured, operated and managed. The product is suitable for demanding global applications and its full metal case design and water-tight front bezel assembly make the 900 Control Station ideal for tough industrial environments.

How Does It Work?
​The 900 Control Station includes the Station Designer PC configuration software, supports Ethernet-based connectivity, and has an advanced user interface, along with an optional Wi-Fi interface which provides users the flexibility of viewing and managing their process from anywhere. It includes two USB host ports and one USB device port to extend data export functions and transfer controller configurations. A combination of predefined display features and custom display development tools, user-friendly touchscreen control, and hardware push buttons on the front panel enable easy execution of interface tasks. The 900 Control Station provides advanced record keeping with its expandable flash memory socket, while its support for multiple languages makes it suitable for global applications.

What Problems Does It Solve?
Honeywell's 900 Control Station helps reduce engineering time with a global integrated database with HC900 process and safety controller, thus reducing users' total operating costs. With its advanced and user-friendly interface, it brings ease-of-use and convenience to users, improving operator efficiency and boosting manufacturing speed.



MasterLogic Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is a modular, scalable rack-based industrial controller delivering powerful performance in a control application. It is applied in various processing applications in industries such as oil and gas, steel, cement, power, food and beverage and delivers a blend of power, performance and efficiency.​​​​​

MasterLogic PLC is a pocket-sized industrial logic controller powered by a high-speed processor. It can operate in a standalone manner, in a peer-to-peer environment, or in a SCADA topology with Experion® HS. It features a wide range of components (the CPU, power supplies, discrete and analog, I/O modules, network modules, and racks) which are available in different modules to suit many different applications.

MasterLogic PLC takes information from various sensors and uses it to control different machines. A reliable processor makes it intrinsically powerful, and all program instructions are executed at a high speed of 42 ns/step. A dedicated Ethernet-based I/O bus controller supplements the main processor in I/O refresh to achieve high speed scanning, and its redundancy feature ensure high availability, especially for critical applications. Available with standard functions, it also supports creation of new or user-defined functions. It works in a loop-based, user-defined program where it waits for input and output at predefined intervals, and can perform self-diagnostics for system errors and trouble shooting. Built on open network standards, this programmable logic controller is integrated with the Experion platform.


HCiX Series

HCiX series operator  interfaces allow operator to access all  controller functions through custom graphics and touch screen interface on color LCD display.

HCiX 05 – M / T
M : 5.7” MONO LCD (Blue)
T : 5.7” Color TFT LCD (65,536 colors)
Touch Screen (Analog/Resistive Type)
HCiX 08 – T
8.4” Color TFT LCD (65,535 colors)
Touch Screen (Analog/Resistive Type)
HCiX 10 - T
10.4” Color TFT LCD (65,536 colors)
Touch Screen (Analog/Resistive Type)
HCiX 12 - T
12.1” Color TFT LCD (65,536 colors)
Touch Screen (Analog/Resistive Type)
HCiX 15 – T
15.0” Color TFT LCD (65,536 colors)
Touch Screen (Analog/Resistive Type)
Color TFT LCD (HCiX 05/08/10/12/15)
Color TFT LCD is standard on all HCiX models. It is a high quality display with wide viewing angle. It provides up to 65,536 real colors.
Touch Screen (Resistive Type)
Operator can do changes to parameters by touching the screen directly. It offers much easier operation than the conventional keyboard.
Processor - 32 bit RISC CPU
The HCiX uses a 32 bit RISC CPU for high speed graphic processing
IP65F Front Enclosure
Front face is IP65F rated to permit use in tough applications where the HCiX is subjected to moisture, dust etc.
RS-232C and RS-422/485 serial ports and Ethernet are standard features. Additionally Profibus communication adapter is also supported. Custom interface designs can be downloaded via RS-232C, Ethernet and USB communication and by using USB or CF Card memory.
Data storage
HCiX support CF Card and USB memory interface to log high capacity data. The logged data can be analyzed and printed via CF Viewer application program. (CF Viewer is supplied as standard)
Multi-Language Support
Language selection can be made on screen. Choices include English/Korean or English/Chinese
HCiX Designer
HCiX Designer software is offered as standard package. Custom designed graphics can be variables, and those variables can be selected without register addressing.
Various Objects (Tags)
HCiX designer offers wide verity of design tools such as numeral, lamp, message, alarm, keypad, graph, animation, window etc. It makes the design of displays (Monitoring / Operating) a breeze.


Experion® LX is a purpose-built distributed control system (DCS) leveraging the proven Experion PKS technology to effectively meet process automation requirements in continuous and batch process control applications. This flexible automation solution is simple to use and configure and is ideal for differently sized industrial operations in a wide range of industries.

Experion LX helps users:

  • Manage all continuous process control applications  
  • Optimize batch and sequence-oriented applications
  • Scale from a single personal computer and controller to many stations and controllers
  • Benefit from Honeywell’s latest C300 controller and new Series 8 I/O platform that offers compact footprint, and easy installation and maintenance
  • Utilize in-built function blocks, pre-built templates and rich function librarie
  • Address their specific requirements
  • Integrate with existing automation systems, including PLCs, DCS, RTUs, drives and smart field devices
  • Its straightforward configuration and advanced engineering tools enable faster project implementation and system changes to meet changing business demands.

Experion LX is packed with features for controlling and optimizing applications:

  • Controller-based S88-compliant modular batch control
  • High-performance Fault Tolerant Ethernet (FTE) network
  • Revolutionary Profit Loop algorithm for predictive control
  • Optional redundancy at all levels: server, network, C300 controller, Series 8 I/O modules
  • Powerful reporting tool for fast debugging and system maintenance
  • Complete HMIWeb solution pack to develop ASM compliant displays
  • Advanced alarm management tools for alarm shelving, tracking, paging and dynamic suppression
  • Smart device integration through industry standard protocols such as HART, Modbus and Profibus™
  • Distributed Server Architecture (DSA) for integration of processes across multiple units, control rooms or geographies
  • Easy-to-use engineering tools with templates, enhanced bulk build and bulk edit functions, control strategy simulation, loop tuning and pre-built displays
  • Virtualization solutions for improved performance and reliability
  • Improve lifecycle management and change control process verification with regulatory compliance.


Experion Panel PC

The Experion® Panel PC offers comprehensive data integration capabilities and consistent operator experience across the plant, thereby eliminating the need to learn different sub-systems in a multi-vendor controller environment, improving the operator effectiveness.​​​​​

What Is It?
​Experion PPC (Panel PC) is an industrial grade Touch Panel PC that extends Experion HMI for field operations. This robust, easy to maintain hardware is built on open industry standards and provides the proven Experion User Interface.

Combined with specifically put together Experion components, Experion PPC meets your local operation needs regardless of your industry, process or machine size and complexity. It allows you break free from proprietary embedded Panel HMI mix and reduces maintenance overheads, complex data integration methods and improves process data flow in your plant.

How Does It Work?
​​Depending on the system availability needs, the Experion PPC can perform as a remote Experion station or as an Experion server with station. These flexible operation modes help meet different architecture needs. Experion PPC offers simple, easy to use HMI and tools enable quick startup, uniform data-exchange with controllers, effective operations and change management.  

What Problems Does It Solve?
Greatly improves startup and commissioning time and reduces data integration costs

  • Quick startup, uniform data-exchange with controllers, effective operations and change management through simple, easy to use HMI and tools
  • No need to learn, train and maintain Multi-vendor HMI sub-systems, avoid causing obsolescence risks and loose integration
  • Higher system uptime, operator effectiveness and emergency response through consistent operator view across various operation levels
  • Reduce  the integration and configuration costs for Panel HMIs used with proprietary or conventional interfaces
  • Lower maintenance cost and eliminated interoperability issues arising from the use of proprietary or embedded OS based Panel HMI